Welcome to the Center for Substance Use Research and Related Conditions (CSURRC)

Through our research, we aim to reduce health disparities, improve health equity, and address social determinants of health. 


Our Impact

The Center for Substance Use Research and Related Conditions prioritizes impactful research projects while fostering strong relationships with community partners.

35+ Community Partners

5+ Current Research Projects

100+ Program Participants

Message from the Director

As the director of the Center for Substance Use Research and Related Conditions, I am proud to lead a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to advancing knowledge, inspiring action, educating the community, and advocating for others.

Our mission to innovate through pioneering research continues to push us forward. Through collaborative efforts, we are able to enact change by translating our research findings into practical solutions and evidence-based interventions.

We strive to provide our affiliates, community partners, and program participants with the knowledge and resources they need to address the challenges of substance use and other related conditions effectively.

Dr. Mercy Mumba

News & Announcements

H.O.P.E Project

“The University of Alabama is confronting the shortage of behavioral health services for youth in rural Alabama‚Ķ..”
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CSURRC Grand Opening

” ‚ÄčThe University of Alabama will be home to a new research center dedicated to the prevention, treatment and management of substance use disorders.”
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